Have you heard about hemp tea?

It’s ultra-relaxing, herbal infusion contains cannabinoid-rich hemp flowers. It’s fast becoming the go-to bedtime favourite that will put you in the mood for some quality sleep and sweet dreams?

What is Hemp Tea?

Hemp is everywhere right now. Google hemp and you’ll find everything from hemp oils containing compounds like CBD, hemp capsules, hemp clothing, and even hemp concrete (hempcrete). That’s because hemp is a tremendously versatile plant providing everything from nutrition, phytonutrients to building materials.

Indeed each part of the plant lends itself to a particular use. The stalks make extremely strong fibre for clothing and rope, the seeds an excellent source of protein, and the flowers a rich source of bioactive ingredients thanks to the cannabinoids and terpenes found in their sticky resin.

That’s why it’s important to choose hemp tea made from hemp flowers and buds, rather than stalks and leaves.

Essentially though our Hemp Flower tea, is 100% organic, loose hemp flowers ready to be combined with hot water to make a relaxing, hemp brew.  Plus, as our Hemp Flower tea is 100% THC free and with no intoxicating effect, it’s suitable for all ages.

Does Hemp Tea Contain CBD?

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is the hot health supplement of the moment. Everyday the media seems to be full of yet another report regaling us with its potential health benefits. It’s not surprising then, many people come to us asking whether our hemp flower tea also contains CBD.

The basic answer is that while it contains small amounts of CBD, hemp tea actually contains far more of the compound’s acidic precursor, CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid). That’s because if you took some freshly harvested hemp flowers, you’d find very little CBD, and instead an abundance of CBDA. In fact, CBD only comes into being when CBDA has been exposed to heat or ageing also known as decarboxylation.

It’s true, making a cup of tea with hemp flowers and hot water obviously involves a certain amount of heat, but it isn’t enough to convert CBDA into CBD. However, there will be trace amounts of CBD present because of the time passed since the hemp was harvested and dried.

But before you feel too hard done by, CBDA is also a very interesting cannabinoid in its own right. While it hasn’t been researched as extensively as CBD, investigators suggest CBDA is certainly not a cannabinoid ‘also-ran.’

Hemp Flower Tea – Whole Plant Benefits

Like all Spirit of Hemp products, our Hemp tea contains the complete bounty of the whole hemp plant; this includes minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Why is this important? As more research takes place examining the therapeutic effects of hemp, scientists have realised that a synergy exists between all the elements in the plant. They’ve named it the entourage effect, believing it explains why full spectrum hemp products appear to be more effective than those containing single cannabinoids (like CBD isolate).

Our Hemp Flower Tea has not been through any extraction or filtration process, which means it is pure hemp goodness, just as nature intended.

Hemp Tea Benefits

But with all the hundreds of hemp oil products out there, why should someone consider drinking hemp tea instead?

For us, it’s not an either or. Many of our customers take Hemp Flower Tea alongside their regular CBD oil. It’s a great way to boost CBD’s relaxing effects before bedtime – and who doesn’t enjoy a pre-bedtime cup of hot tea?

While we can’t make any health claims about our Hemp Flower Tea, many Spirit of Hemp customers have reported it helps them feel calmer and promotes a good night’s sleep.

Joanne, for instance, had doubts drinking Hemp Flower Tea would be as effective as CBD oil for relaxation. “It pleasantly surprised me,” she explains. “Not only was it was instantly soothing, calming and relaxing, it didn’t taste as bad as I imagined too. I felt a continued sense of calm, and my brain seemed less busy.”

Daphne was a fan of the tea’s delicious flavour, “I love the Hemp tea. It tastes great and could drink it all day long.”

Of course, drinking hemp tea isn’t just a night time option. Stress can come on at any time of the day, so why not give it a go when those stress levels begin to rise at the office or at home?

How To Make a Cup of Hemp Flower Tea

Hopefully, you now know why Hemp Flower Tea makes a great addition to your herbal infusion favourites. Next step is finding out the best way to make a nice, relaxing hemp flower cuppa.

Simply add one heaped teaspoon of dried hemp flowers to 200ml of boiling water and leave to steep for 5 minutes. Why only 5 minutes? Tests show that leaving hemp tea to brew for longer than five minutes leads to less cannabinoids being present in the tea rather than increasing their intensity.

Some customers add milk; cow, coconut or otherwise, as it’s thought fats may help cannabinoid absorption which are not generally water soluble. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case with CBDA.

So, move over chamomile and valerian tea, there’s a new calming herbal infusion in town. Join us at Spirit of Hemp and make hemp flower tea part of your daily relaxation routine.

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