The Spirit of Hemp Difference

What is the Spirit of Hemp Difference?

The presence of the Spirit of the plant is our focus.

Spirit of Hemp is cold-pressed, whole plant, full spectrum, certified organic CBD, balanced with the full spectrum of terpenes from the cannabis plant. Interesting, the importance of terpenes was recognised by the renowned cannabis researcher Dr Ethan Russo. He called the terpenes the “Spirit of the plant” and “Quintessential 5th healing element of the plant”.

This quintessential 5th healing element or spirit of the plant has guided our founder, Louise Callinan in both the physical and energetic preparation of this beautiful medicine of remembrance for all. When you work with the Spirit of Hemp it may be useful it useful to tune in and actively invite the spirit to freely flow through you as you listen to its teachings.

The spirit can help us remember the natural balance to which we all belong. It is only through separation and our “forgetting” we become unwell. With the remembrance of our connection to all, our natural balance can be restored.

Spirit of Hemp is more than just CBD.

The importance of the ‘whole plant’ including the full array of terpenes is at the centre of producing our CBD supplements – and it’s at the root of nearly every product we create. We start by selecting the finest, organically grown hemp. Spirit of Hemp oil is created using the traditional “cold pressed” method using the whole hemp plant this also includes the seeds. This results in a beautifully rich and nutrient-dense oil brimming with beneficial compounds that are lost in other CBD extracts. Spirit of Hemp also ensure our oil is perfectly balanced with the full spectrum of natural organic hemp terpenes, resulting in an ‘entourage effect’ the body recognises and happily absorbs. Our cold pressed CBD oils contain: no solvents or chemicals, and the process takes place in a low-heat environment, to protect the stability of the nutrients. Finally, our unique formula is bottled in MIRON Violetglass – biophotonic glass packaging.  Its unique properties protect our products from the harmful effects of light, increasing their shelf life, protecting and revitalising their potency. Our ethos and practice respects the integrity of our raw materials from the soil to you  – and it’s light years away from how most CBD supplements are made. That’s our intention.

Better Grown

Life force begins in the earth. We have sourced our hemp from like-minded organic growers in Lithuania that use sustainable farming methods.  Choosing certified organic hemp is of utmost importance when using hemp to support your health. Hemp is a bio accumulator, this means it cleans the soil of toxins. Where do the toxins end up when the soil has been cleaned?  –  In the hemp plant! So if you are consuming non organic hemp products from contaminated soil you could be consuming concentrated toxins. To guarantee our products are 100% safe, they are grown in clean organic soil, and certified by the soil association. We don’t stop there, we also have 3rd party labs on each product page showing the purity of our oil. 

Better Recognised

The hemp plant is made up of over 400 active compounds including over 100 cannabinoids (including CBD and CBDA), over twenty types of flavonoids, and approximately 200 terpenes. Modern medicine favours the extraction of single compounds in order to make pharmaceutical drugs. However, when it comes to hemp and cannabis, researchers have noticed that whole plant botanical extracts are more effective than isolated cannabinoids. As humans, we can’t always best absorb essential nutrients in an isolate state (such as CBD isolate products )  –  so we have to find a whole plant food source that the body can extract them from. By using cold pressing we are able to preserve the full spectrum of beneficial compounds from the whole hemp plant, this combined with our attention to rebalancing the oil with any terpenes lost from the drying process, aligned with our oils with nature’s design, producing a whole hemp cold pressed cbd oil that the body recognises as the whole plant and thus happily accepts. We like to describe it as “respect for natures innate intelligence”. 

Better Absorbed

Our CBD supplements contain no unnecessary preservatives, flavours, colourants or fillers or CBD isolate as are often found in other CBD supplements. We offer only natural,  whole plant extracts for best absorption and we choose certified organic MCT oil from coconuts (no palm) as our carrier oil.  MCT is very suited to those with delicate digestive systems as it bypasses the digestive tract and goes straight to the liver for easy and effective absorption. Not only are Spirit of Hemp CBD supplements better absorbed by the body, but they’re kinder to the digestive system too.

Better Used

Did we mention that our extracts are also raw? This means they are high in CBDA, which is the raw precursor to CBD.  Why is this of interest? New research shows that CBDA is more than 1000 times as effective and more bioavailable than CBD. This means that the body can process it and metabolise it faster and more easily. So not only does it work better, it works faster. It seems like a good time to finish with the concept of the ‘entourage effect”. The term ‘entourage effect’ has been coined and used with frequency by researchers such as Ethan Russo. The ‘entourage effect’ describes the unique synergy within the hemp plant whereby minor and often seemingly inactive molecules such as terpenes and cbda actually potentiate the effects of the plant as a whole. Our Spirit of Hemp formula is a true example of this “entourage effect”.

The deep respect we have for a higher plant intelligence and its spirit remains the focus of our range of natural CBD formulations. To that end, they are better grown, better recognised, better absorbed and better used, affecting powerful all-over change: not just to the body, but also to the mind and spirit.


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