Key Benefits

Reduce germ count around the home

Our oil is packed full of essential oils known for their antimicrobial properties including tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon bark, lemon and clove bud. These are highly effective so diffusing our oils can actively help bring down the germ count.

Support your natural immune response

Support your body’s natural defence mechanism and barriers by adding a few drops of our oil directly onto the soles of your feet.

Support respiratory pathways

Eucalyptus in our oil has been shown to expand airways so may help you breath more easily and reduce congestion.

Relieve allergy symptoms

Inhaling this powerful blend may help your body to naturally relieve allergy symptoms.

Immune Essential Oil

£25.99£59.99 available on subscription

Whole plant extract

Contains the full spectrum of
cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

Inspected & Certified Organic

Constant monitoring and analysis.

Raw whole plant extract

Containing CBDA and THCA

100% natural & vegan

GM Free

Respect for nature.

Free from palm oil

Caring for our planet


How to take our Immune Essential Oil


Add a few drops to diffuse day and night. Also blend a few drops with hand & body creams & washes.

Use often, with awareness and gratitude for the protective powers of Mother Nature.

How to use it

  • Diffuse in the home or office to keep the germ count down.
  • Put a couple drops directly on the soles of your feet to support your immune system if you feel under the weather.
  • Diffuse in the home or office to stimulate a cheerful and balanced mood.
  • Diffuse in the office to increase concentration and work efficiency.
  • Diffuse in the bedroom to breath easy and sleep deeply.
  • Place one drop in your face mask for added protection and ease when breathing.
  • Inhale for relief of allergy symptoms.
  • Breathe and apply for sinus headaches.
  • Add a few drops to personal body creams, shampoos and hand soaps.
  • Breathe in the vapours when you have lung congestion


3 key ingredients including…

Cold Pressed Whole Hemp Oil

With CBD, CBDA, CBGA, CBC, THCA, trace THC, flavonoids and terpenes.

Antimicrobial essential oils blend known as 'thieves blend'.

For optimal immune support.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree essential oil, steam distilled from the green leaves of the tree has proven its efficacy as a powerful anti-microbial.

WHAT stays out

We never use



Synthetic fragrances




Mineral oil or petroleum distillates


Why use our Immune Essential Oil?

Besides the beautiful scent this oil has a host of antimicrobial properties! Diffuse in any room for a fresh, uplifting atmosphere and to help combat airborne germs. Also great for mixing into any unscented oils or lotions. We love adding this to a foot bath.

“Loving the immune oil, it’s clean, green yet a deeply warming and comforting scent for the diffuser!”

Giselle Sommerville


You’re bound to have a few questions

Find out all you need to know about our Spirit of Hemp products or ask your own questions below.

Why have you added tea tree to the thieves blend?

Tea Tree is one of the most potent anti-microbials we know. Whilst the 15th century thieves blend is highly effective and we trust the wisdom of our ancestors we felt it made sense to add another powerful component to the mix.

Is this suitable for everyday use?

Yes, the essential oil is suitable for everyday use but make sure you only use small amounts as it is highly concentrated!

How much will I need?

1-2 drops is plenty and you’ll quickly notice the beautiful but powerful scent.


Our Immune Essential Oil

Based on a 15th Century blend called “Thieves” blend our immune essential oil includes the wonderful certified organic essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary, cinnamon bark, lemon, clove bud and hemp.

Available in both 10ml and 30ml bottles.

Tea Tree Essential Oil (melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia)

Fresh, sharp and cleansing, Tea Tree essential oil, steam distilled from the green leaves of the tree is great for naturally deep cleansing everything from congested skin to surfaces around the home.

Key Properties:

  • Helps clear and relieve impurities
  • Naturally supports a healthy immune response
  • Antimicrobial


  • All in a name: The name Tea Tree derives from the expeditions of Captain Cook in 1770. When he reached Botany Bay in Australia, the crew boiled the highly fragrant leaves of the plant and made a spicy infusion in the place of tea.
  • Ancient medicine: Centuries ago, the Aboriginals crushed the leaves of the Tea Tree and inhaled the essence as a cure to coughs, fevers, congestion and injuries.
  • World War II: During WW2, producers of Tea Tree Oil were excluded from signing up to the army until there was enough of the ingredient to supply all soldiers’ first aid kits and hospitals.

Spirit of Hemp have borrowed ancient wisdom, including tea tree essential oil in our Immune Range for potent support against all pathogens.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (eucalyptus radiata)

Eucalyptus (eucalyptus radiata)

Strong, fresh and pungent, Eucalyptus essential oil, steam distilled from the blue-green leaves of the plant is cleansing, invigorating and bracing for the mind and body, most commonly used to support respiration and relieve achy muscles.

Key Properties:

  • Helps to clear coughs and congestion
  • Revives tired, achy muscles
  • Supports circulation

History of Eucalyptus

  • An ancient remedy: The Australian Aborigines called Eucalyptus, ‘kino’, and was used as a cure-all remedy.
  • A widespread medicine: It was initially suggested by a German botanist and explorer that the scent of the Eucalyptus tree might be an antiseptic.It was in 1855 that the French government sent Eucalyptus seeds to Algeria, which resulted in many infections being cleared up.
  • World War I: Eucalyptus Essential Oil was in huge demand during WWI, thanks to its ability to control meningitis outbreaks and influenza.

Spirit of Hemp have borrowed wisdom from ancient times, including Eucalyptus Oil in our Immune Range benefitting skin, mind and health.

Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Fresh, green and potent, Rosemary essential oil, distilled from the young leaves and shoots of the herb is refreshing and stimulating for the mind, aiding concentration and improving memory, while it is also great for boosting circulation in the body.

Key Properties:

  • Balancing
  • Maintains focus
  • Supports circulation


  • Always remember: with a rich history, rosemary oil has earned a place in spiritual practices and ceremonies as a symbol of remembrance. The ancient Egyptians honoured their loved ones by leaving sprigs of rosemary on coffins.
  • A sacred herb: Burning rosemary is seen as highly symbolic. The ancient Greeks would burn dried rosemary as an offering to the gods.

    In fact, according to Dr Couic Marinier, “rosemary was seen as a ‘sacred herb’”.

Spirit of Hemp have borrowed wisdom from ancient Greece and Egypt, including Rosemary Essential Oil in our Immune Range benefitting mind and health.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Cinnamon bark (cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Once traded as currency, cinnamon is warming, spicy and stimulating.

The spice comes from the inner bark of a small evergreen tree. The bark is peeled and laid in the sun to dry, where it curls up into rolls known as cinnamon sticks. The essential oil is distilled from the leaf of the tree.

Key Properties:

  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Supports your body's natural inflammatory processes
  • Antioxidant

History of Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon has been in use by humans for thousands of years—as early as 2,000 B.C.
  • Egyptians employed it, as well as the related spice cassia, as a perfuming agent during the embalming process, and it was even mentioned in the Old Testament as an ingredient in anointing oil.
  • Legend holds that the Roman emperor Nero burned as much as he could find of the precious spice on the funeral pyre of his second wife Poppaea Sabina in A.D. 65 to atone for his role in her death.

Spirit of Hemp have borrowed wisdom from our ancestors, including Cinnamon Oil in our Immune Range benefitting skin, mind and health.


Lemon Essential Oil (citrus limon)

Lemon (citrus limon)

Delicately sweet, yet crisp and zesty, Lemon essential oil, expressed from the peel of the fruit is uplifting and gently energising for the mind and purifying for the body as an effective immune support, leaving you feeling cleansed and content.

Key Properties:

  • Supports and maintains a balanced mood
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Cleanses the air

History of Lemon Oil

  • A quick fix: In the 14th century, English sailors in the Royal Navy discovered that drinking lemon juice every day helped to prevent scurvy, aching joints and other common ailments.
  • A misnomer: According to Dr Couic Marinier, “although we talk of lemon ‘Essential Oil’, in reality, it is actually an ‘essence’”. Essences can often be referred to as Essential Oils. In this case, it’s because in order to obtain the Essential Oil we use the express and un-distilled zest, and by distilling the leaves, Lemon Essential Oil can be obtained from the small lemon grain.

Spirit of Hemp have borrowed ancestral wisdom, including potent citrus essence in our Immune Range benefitting mind and health.

Clove Bud Essential Oil (eugenia caryophyllus)

Clove bud (eugenia caryophyllus)

Cloves are best known as a sweet and aromatic spice, but they have also been used in traditional medicine. This beautiful flower bud, known for its use in winter dishes was important in the earliest spice trade and is believed to be indigenous to the Moluccas, or Spice Islands, of Indonesia.

Key Properties:

  • Purifying: With its potent antimicrobial properties, Clove Oil can help ward off bacteria and viruses. It is also antiparasitic.
  • Soothing: Balances your body's natural inflammatory response. When used topically, Clove Essential Oil helps to reduce the appearance of redness, pigmentation and puffiness to leave your complexion deeply soothed and supple.
  • Warming & Stimulating: Warming & Stimulating: Clove Essential Oil has a myriad of rejuvenating and stimulating properties, which, when applied to the skin, can help to improve your skin’s radiance. Whether you’re looking to - help reduce the first signs of ageing or just re-energise your complexion, Clove Oil will help to keep your skin looking radiant.

History of Cloves

  • A symbol of birth: The unattached flower bud of clove used to symbolise birth.

    According to Dr Couic Marinier, “clove originates from the ancient Latin, “Eugenia Caryophyllus”, alluding to Saint Eugénie; the patron saint of midwives.”

  • A Chinese remedy: Cloves have been well documented in Chinese history as early as 226 BC. The emperor at this time demanded that anyone wanting to speak to him chew on clove beforehand to eliminate bad breath.

Spirit of Hemp have borrowed wisdom from Emperors and Saints, including Clove Essential Oil in our Immune Range benefitting skin, mind and health.

Hemp (cannabis sativa)

Hemp Oil (cannabis sativa)

Hemp Oil is a lovely pure green colour. It is cold-pressed from Hemp seeds to ensure the maximum active benefits are retained.

Organic Hemp Oil is beneficial for all skin types because it has an extremely high percentage of essential fatty acids.

Key Properties:

  • Rich in Omega-3 oils – a natural skin softener
  • High Vitamin E content – natural antioxidant which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Balances the body's natural inflammatory response to aid in reducing redness and other visible signs of inflammation

History of Hemp Oil

  • Cannabis Sativa is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history – evidence of likely use by humans as early as 12,000 years ago. It has been used for thousands of years for medical, spiritual and social purposes.

Spirit of Hemp have borrowed wisdom from ancient times, including Hemp Oil in our Immune Body Oil, Immune Balm, Immune Sanitiser, Topical Treatment Oil, Hair Elixir and Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil, benefitting skin, mind and all aspects of your health.

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