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When she’s not competing in Multisport World Championships or travelling the world to compete in Ironman races, local triathlete Judith Hagger can be found enjoying life in Forest Row with her children, or training with her local club CORETriathlon. Following her second place success, in the Spirit of Hemp colours, at Ironman Wales last weekend we sat down with her to learn some of the ways she uses our CBD oils and the secret to staying ahead of the race… 

Tell us a little about your sporting background and how you came to be a successful triathlete…

I’d always participated in sports throughout my younger years – I achieved all levels at the Royal Academy of Ballet and also took up various watersports when living in the Caribbean as a child. However, university was the time that sport began to take a backseat in my life, shortly followed by working in London and then having my children. It wasn’t until someone recommended a local running group that I became hooked again! Sarah Russell from Sarah’s runners group based in Tunbridge Wells encouraged me to get involved with the local Tunbridge Wells triathlon club. This is where my interest in triathlon began.

How do you find balancing being a mother and your sporting life?

With three children, and not being in a relationship with their dad, it’s not always easy juggling it all. However their dad is very supportive in accommodating my training and race schedule which I’m very grateful for. It is challenging at times to keep up with my coached training plan! I ‘train smart’ which means I adapt my training session to fit in with my personal life. I’m often on my turbo trainer doing an indoor bike session when the boys are around, or doing my strength training at home. It’s not easy but it’s rewarding – I did once have an important race over the same weekend as my daughter’s school speech day, which I felt bad for not attending, so I now try to plan my races more in advance. My children are incredibly supportive and all now determined to achieve their own goals – my daughter, Ella, has a natural singing talent and both my boys are talented runners. They make great training partners! 

What is your connection with Forest Row and where did you first hear about Spirit of Hemp?

Living locally, in Hever Village, I can often be found browsing in Seasons, Tablehurst Farm, Plawhatch, and Ziggys. I’m also a big supporter of Veasey & Sons for their wonderful fish as well as often enjoying a class at Yard Yoga. I regularly swim in Weirwood Reservoir (when it’s warm enough) and the swim sessions there are run by a lovely couple, Aldo and Becky.

Was the product something you were familiar with before? 

It was one of my massage therapists, Ben Barnett, who first told me about Spirit of Hemp when I was visiting him at Vitality, in Crowborough. He focuses particularly on the mental side of massage and therapy. I was feeling particularly run down when I saw him – I bought my first bottle there and then, from him!

For me, the methods used to produce the oil really enticed me. I knew of other brands selling the oil but Louise’s attention to the way in which it is produced really appealed to me. The smell is equally amazing and it compliments my aromatherapy.

How does Spirit of Hemp make you feel?

The muscle relaxant was the main thing for me, particularly after my more intense training sessions. I also found my sleep improved massively – I was able to really relax and recover through deeper sleep. I’m considering introducing my children to the oil for that reason as well. I’ve recently started using the serum for massage as well – I combine it with coconut oil and I rub it in myself to any niggly bits!

What would be your advice to anyone looking to introduce sport into their life?

Join a club! It was where it all started for me. You’ll meet loads of lovely, like-minded people and you’ll be grateful for the support – and social benefits. Also, try and read as much content as you can. 220 Triathlon Magazine is a great one for advice, and there’s plenty of books and podcasts to get you hooked too. And don’t forget the strength training, it’s very important in staying injury free!

What would be your advice to anyone looking to introduce Spirit of Hemp into their life? 

Inflammation is something we have to all make an effort to control as we get older – nutrition is also important. Although, I didn’t actually change my nutrition at all when I started with the CBD oil. The fact it is a food supplement makes it a very easy oil to take – another reason I opted for Spirit of Hemp.

Have you had to make any adjustments at all to take the oil?

Not at all! I take the oil each morning and evening and, on harder days, at lunchtime as well. About three drops per taking, although I do up the dosage before a big race. I always listen to my body and adapt my dosage accordingly.

And finally, how would you describe Spirit of Hemp in three words…

I love this question! I’d have to go with supportive, strengthening, and therapeutic.

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