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Expert Nutritionists

If you’re looking for high quality CBD supplements, our team can help. We have qualified and registered nutritionists who are well-versed in the benefits of cbd oil to support your wellness goals!

Bespoke to you

The Nutritionists at our clinic are here for you no matter what your needs may be. Whether it is general wellness, specific health goals or support through key life stages (such as puberty or menopause), we will help guide the way!

A holistic approach

We’re waiting for you! Our Nutritionists can advise on which supplements might be right for your needs and offer expert advice around simple changes in both diet or lifestyle to best support them.


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Whether you’re new to taking CBD oil supplements, not sure which product is best for your needs or have a specific question about them – our team of expert Nutritionists will help!

We understand that choosing the right nutrients can be difficult and checking compatibility with other medications/supplements may seem daunting as well.  That’s why we’ve got all bases covered here at Spirit of Hemp.